Inspiration to realise our scent evangelist insights.


Although it may seem difficult at first to enter his world, it really is an apparent challenge. With the passage of time, and with the sharing of stories and projects through cities and past events, his distant image disappears. Bertrand Duchaufour is a man of enormous emotional generosity and a very kind way of expressing himself to others.


His trademark is the vibrancy of leather, but he will always be leading the team in combining hyper-volume molecules in a modern tone.

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In 2005, a young perfumer created a masterpiece of modern perfumery.

Pedro Dias has hundreds of niche perfumes, but this one has been his signature scent for many years, and the idea of creating a perfume with her just marvelled him.

Stéphanie Bakouche is the girl who was adopted by Grasse, the perfumer who combines technical expertise with knowledge and history.

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There is no one in the world of perfumery with such a loyal group of fans as Christian, nor who causes such a frenzy when entering a place in the fragrances universe.

Don't expect subtle perfumes or the elegance of "fragile porcelain ladies" from him. No, Chris's perfumes are for warriors. Chris's perfumes are for warriors to impose themselves, to massacre everything around them.

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Luca is the man in love with iris roots, for its elegance, and the man who introduces pop-up blasts on some cold metallic character with ambroxan.

He won the A+OA awards twice in consecutive years, but he's still that shy, introverted man with the timeless boyish face.

The perfumer who once challenged our founder to create the brand we have today, giving rise to the creation of MUDA and Palafítico perfumes.

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Miguel Matos is a man of paradoxes. His image leaves no-one indifferent. He never goes unnoticed, and that also reflects in his perfumery.

His perfumes are always difficult or very difficult, sometimes a bit strange, vintage, very greenand glossy. 

And that's how he has earned his place as a true star, twice winning the Art and Olfaction Award.

Bravo is his creation. A perfume based on green fig, waxed woods (a bit of his trademark), but somehow, in Bravo, it's a "domesticated Miguel Matos".

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If there is one perfumer in the world who pursues the notion of perfume with a cleanliness component in its structure, it is Beatrice Aguilar. She is one of the most elegant perfumers of our time.

The perfumer of transparency.

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A "grand seigneur" in perfumery is someone who expertly infuses the art of seduction into the creation of perfumes, based on a vintage structure of fragrance construction, and Daniel Josier is definitely a "grand seigneur" in perfumery and in life.

He is also a fan of Arabic perfumery. This is perhaps why he is known as the "sandalwood perfumer." Sandalwood serves as a base for the other olfactory notes and this is particularly evident in AREIA SALGADA, where it provides texture and comfort while emphasising the brightness of Calabrian bergamot and thyme.

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