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A turning point in perfume aesthetic

Olfactory pyramid is not revealed

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The perfect blend of the master and his apprentice’s know-how gives rise to a creation marking a new era. An exquisite interpretation and example of modernity, resulting from deep technical-molecular research.
Warmly welcome nouvelle parfumerie.
A turning point in perfume aesthetics. A vertical scent that blows your mind from the first nanosecond sniff. Will is the future based on deep and complex work on ultra-modern molecules combined with superlative natural raw materials on top. A fusing perfume. This is the first “will” perfume in perfumery. Our will to the world of scents.

The Perfumer


Although it may seem difficult at first to enter his world, it really is an apparent challenge. With the passage of time, and with the sharing of stories and projects through cities and past events, his distant image disappears. Bertrand Duchaufour is a man of enormous emotional generosity and a very kind way of expressing himself to others.


His trademark is the vibrancy of leather, but he will always be leading the team in combining hyper-volume molecules in a modern tone.


WILL falls into this category.

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