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50 – The Anniversary article

50 – The Anniversary article

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Aldehydic I musky I salty I fresh spicy I powdery | light incense | metalic

TOP NOTES: marine, ozonic, aldehyde
HEART NOTES: Black pepper, accord leather-tobacco-styrax
BASE NOTES: incense, olibanum, sandalwood, musk

Available in 100ml

Exclusive Return Service

When you purchase a 100ml bottle of our exquisite fragrance, it will arrive to you intact, sealed in its cellophane wrapping. Alongside, we include a complementary sample of the same scent, allowing you to immerse yourself in its notes and nuances.

If, upon trying the sample, you find that it doesn't quite captivate your senses as you had hoped, rest assure that you have the option to return the unopened 100 ml perfume within 15 days of purchase for a full refund...

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50 – The Anniversary article

18 months after the kickoff brief, I achieved my perfume. We planned it for my 50th birthday. Are the 50s the new 30s? Not quite. Even so, we avoided the bold and astringent character of vintage perfumes. Our path consisted mostly of cold spices and stone vibes, twisted with a sharp knife. Straight to my heart.
A conceptual perfume? No, I am too old to be a conceptual mind-driven person.
A contemporary perfume? No, I am too old to be a modern guy. You can have it.
Should you fall in love with it.

The Perfumer


In 2005, a young perfumer created a masterpiece of modern perfumery.

Pedro Dias has hundreds of niche perfumes, but this one has been his signature scent for many years, and the idea of creating a perfume with her just marvelled him.

Stéphanie Bakouche is the girl who was adopted by Grasse, the perfumer who combines technical expertise with knowledge and history.

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