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Leathery | rose | oud | musk | incense

TOP NOTES: bergamot reggio calabria, ginger, pear, incense from oman & oud buaya from laos
HEART NOTES: bulgarian rose, indian jasmine sambac, indian up cypriol, patchouly from singapour, leather, civet & amber
BASE NOTES: musk, benzoin from siam & australian sandalwood

Available in 100ml

Exclusive Return Service

When you purchase a 100ml bottle of our exquisite fragrance, it will arrive to you intact, sealed in its cellophane wrapping. Alongside, we include a complementary sample of the same scent, allowing you to immerse yourself in its notes and nuances.

If, upon trying the sample, you find that it doesn't quite captivate your senses as you had hoped, rest assure that you have the option to return the unopened 100 ml perfume within 15 days of purchase for a full refund...

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SELA PARFUM is this movement, the expression of elegance with each stride, the touch of classic musky leather and a wild animal in a mysterious scenario.
This sublime interpretation of SELA brings us the essence of an exquisite leather and an overwhelming natural aoud from Laos with a strong touch of an absolute Bulgarian rose that adds enthrallment and sophistication to the original scent, reshaping its concept and giving it its uniqueness.

The Perfumer


There is no one in the world of perfumery with such a loyal group of fans as Christian, nor who causes such a frenzy when entering a place in the fragrances universe.

Don't expect subtle perfumes elagance of "fragile porcelain ladies" from him. No, Chris's perfumes are for warriors. Chris's perfumes are for warriors to impose themselves, to massacre everything around them.

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