Pedro Simões Dias, Comporta Perfumes founder, is a lawyer who specialises in Internet law and copyrights. Pedro always had a passion about perfumes and loved to appreciate them and many years ago started to collect perfumes and study perfumery. Launched a blog, with a lot of success where he reviewed niche perfumes and also developed a concept around giving masterclasses to share with others his passion for scents and perfumes.

After many years growing this passion to almost mastering it Pedro has been challenged to move out of the comfort zone and “to think” on the Portuguese perfumery.

Portugal had on the XIX century and until late 1930’s many small perfume brands but all faded away. Since then, there wasn’t a single line of niche perfumery in Portugal, so Pedro decided to start by creating a set of perfumes, which aim to recreate experiences, olfactory moments and stories around Comporta, this “boho chic” village on the northern Alentejo coast, in Portugal.


And, in 2017, COMPORTA Perfumes was born.

This unique place inspired Pedro and world class perfumers, Betrand Duchaufour, Chris Maurice, Stéphanie Bakouche, Daniel Josier, Luca Maffei, Béatrice Aguilar and Miguel Matos,  to bring to life the dream of a Comporta inspired perfume line.

COMPORTA PERFUMES includes exquisite intimate fragrances inspired by and representing experiences, and memories lived in Comporta - one of Europe’s most exclusive destinations and well-kept secrets. 

The latest launches have been designed with a new concept in mind. The dialogue between two perfumers, who together put all their know-how into creating unique scents, giving shape to the Master & Apprentice collection.

The bottle tells the story of Comporta partnership with Vista Alegre, two years after Comporta Perfumes’ launch, it was a great honour to partnership with Vista Alegre, one of the most prestigious porcelain brands in the world that combines the Portuguese heritage of glass making, to create the ultimate niche perfume bottle.

The result is a stunning piece of art, a glass bottle that embodies the wooden stakes of Comporta’s palafitic port. This new look and feel reflect the brand’s evolution and the need to seduce new audiences around the world.