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Ozonic | citrus | green

TOP NOTES: elemi, apple, thyme, bergamot, cypress
HEART NOTES: cedar, jasmine, muguet
BASE NOTES: amber, leather, patchouli

Available in 100ml

Exclusive Return Service

When you purchase a 100ml bottle of our exquisite fragrance, it will arrive to you intact, sealed in its cellophane wrapping. Alongside, we include a complementary sample of the same scent, allowing you to immerse yourself in its notes and nuances.

If, upon trying the sample, you find that it doesn't quite captivate your senses as you had hoped, rest assure that you have the option to return the unopened 100 ml perfume within 15 days of purchase for a full refund...

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The smell of the happiness on walking by those beautiful long white sand beaches with a light sea breeze on or even better, when we have a gin tonic with a zest of lemon at the end of the day at the “chiringuito” of Comporta Beach.

The Perfumer


A "grand seigneur" in perfumery is someone who expertly infuses the art of seduction into the creation of perfumes, based on a vintage structure of fragrance construction, and Daniel Josier is definitely a "grand seigneur" in perfumery and in life.

He is also a fan of Arabic perfumery. This is perhaps why he is known as the "sandalwood perfumer." Sandalwood serves as a base for the other olfactory notes and this is particularly evident in AREIA SALGADA, where it provides texture and comfort while emphasising the brightness of Calabrian bergamot and thyme.

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