Daniel Josier is a "grand seigneur," which means he is a seductive perfumer. He naturally radiates charm, and his perfumery reflects this inherent allure.

A "grand seigneur" in perfumery is someone who adeptly infuses the art of seduction into perfume creation, grounded in a vintage structure of fragrance construction. Sometimes, when we examine the new "vintage" perfumes being released—such as those by Antonio Gardoni, Miguel Matos, or Liz Moores—we perceive them as fragrances that evoke a vintage essence: meaning, astringent perfumes with authentic woods, angular, somehow difficult.

Daniel Josier's vintage approach is, however, distinctive. He specialises in creating perfumes with an antique structure, with multiple and robust olfactory facets. Above all, his creations exude elegance - this seems to be his main goal.

He tells me that he's a perfumer of blends, as he describes it: "It's the Jean-Claude Elena school”. I had never thought of Jean-Claude Elena as the man of blending. I had always considered him as the perfumer of 'nothing modern.' But now, as I reflect on Daniel Josier's words, I can better understand what he means. From that perspective, Daniel often leads us to reflect on perfumery, on life, as he himself is a man who is 'very much' at peace with life. 

He also shares with me that he is a fan of Arabic perfumery. Perhaps that's why he's known as the "sandalwood perfumer" (although there may be others who claim that title...). Daniel has never created a perfume without sandalwood, although this doesn't mean that his fragrances are always woody. Sandalwood serves as a base for the other olfactory notes. This is particularly evident in AREIA SALGADA, where sandalwood provides texture and comfort while enhancing the brightness of Calabrian bergamot and thyme. In addition, it works together with Elemi to extend the longevity of these more volatile notes.

One of his perfumes that I particularly enjoy is centered around tuberose because he is also an outspoken fan of white flowers, those carnal and seductive blooms. 

This Spanish perfumer has been with me since the beginning and, over time, we hardly need to talk when we debate something; he can almost guess where we are heading with a particular project.