There is no one in the world of perfumery with such a loyal group of fans as Christian. There is no one in the world of perfumery who causes as much frenzy in a place as Christian. There is no one in the world of perfumery who is as envied as Christian among, I wouldn't say his peers, but among the "wanna be" specialists in sophisticated,
high-end perfumes.

There's no need to mention Christian's academic background in perfumery, because he is mainly the guy who grew up receiving the sense and knowledge of smell from his grandfather and father. He reincarnates the lineage, the pedigree of Spanish perfumery.

He also the “schizophrenic” Christian Carbonnel/Chris Maurice, alter egos depending on the day or on his mood.

But he is also an encyclopedic man of perfumery, a collector like few others in the world, who collects batches of certain perfumes to find out how they have evolved over the years.

He is an anti-"those perfumers who
don't want to know anything about what other perfumers are doing"
perfumer. No, Christian knows what the others are doing, he knows what the public wants and yet he has the ability to design and create absolutely unique perfumes.

He's the man of powerful scents and strong sillage, the perfumer King Kong (that's why we had to call the first series of our Master & Apprentice line, where he performs with Femme Fougère, "The Beast Mode Wit"). Just like when he arrived: imposing and with a
deeply frightening way of looking. And yet he is a man of immense personal kindness, sensitivity, and curiosity.

Christian is the perfume man who arrives before the person (his mother always tells him: "The perfume you're wearing always arrives before you"). That's his trademark. Don't expect subtle perfumes or the elegance of "fragile porcelain ladies" from him. No, Chris's perfumes are for warriors. Chris's perfumes are for warriors
to impose themselves, to massacre everything around them.

Chris is the man with the traditional
perfume "base" of the powerful vanilla/tonka bean combination. Within the oriental profile that everyone labeled him, he is above all the "ambrocenide man" (he doesn't think that hedione is "the last Coke on the desert" like some others...). The ambrocenide molecules will always be in a perfume with his signature. When he closes the formula for a
perfume, he always goes back to the formula and says "I'm going to add a little more ambrocenide", that final shocking touch of poppy....

This is the man who, when he was young, first smelled an alum aroma and ignored it. Later, when he smelled a real natural aroma from Southeast Asia, he fell in love with it.

Vigorous, oriental, "aoudy",
amber perfumes... well, not always... don't classify him like that... as he said in an interview, he accepted the challenge of leaving his comfort zone to create "Femme Fougère".

A legion of fans, a dynasty of perfumers and a unique collector. Christian is a friend, I think I can say that.