Bergamot | Mint | Ginger | Freshness white flower cardamom (Lily of the valley and jasmine) | Green mate-tea

I asked Stephanie Bakouche a little thing: to make the perfect ambient scent for me. In other words, a perfume of pure elegance, sophisticated hyper and with a classic patina.

I suggested that we would start from that mixture of bergamot oils and black tea, the magic basis of Earl Gray tea. We then created an evocation of black teas from China, Ceylon and the Azores – a whole history of
Portugal in the World. Camellia sinensis is the basic plant of tea. Camellia.

100% recycled glass spraying decoration high-end technique and 100% Recyclable and Solvent free colours
Size 450ml

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I asked Stephanie Bakouche to help me with a little thing! To create an intoxicating aroma; a fragrance that encapsulated classic elegance and sophistication swirled with complex aromas of wisdom and refinement. Tea became our inspiration; a magical blend of bergamot oil and the exotic aroma of black tea from China, Ceylon
and the Azores…In this fragrance we have captured the imprint of Portugal on the world. The beautiful ‘camellia sinensis’ plant is the origin of all tea. Camellia.

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