AL-qasr by Vista Alegre


Porcelain candleholder with exclusive Vista Alegre design

The same Palafitic sticks that inspired the perfume bottle collection are recreated throughout this elegant piece, designed to live in total harmony with our candle collection.

The candles belonging to the Home Stories Collection line by Comporta Perfumes are unique treasures. AL-qasr is the piece that encompasses the gold of our candles. A palace designed and produced by Vista Alegre to enhance our whole candle burning experience.

AL-qasr is the Arabic word for Palace and for the charming and historic town of Alcácer do Sal, located in Alentejo. This is where “Comporta” also belongs, that extraordinary getaway of infinitive white sandy beaches
and Atlantic sea breeze that inspired our story.

Approximately 18cm in diameter
Estimated weight: 400gr

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Each of candles in the Home Stories Collection line by Comporta Perfumes is a precious gem, ‘AL-qasr’ was designed and produced by Vista Alegre to reveal the golden depths of our candles. A delicate, fluted palace – a miniature piece of art in its own right – created to enhance the experience of burning of our candles.

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Buy a porcelaine vase or a pack with a scented candle and porcelain vase

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